Hello, I am Garrett Oden

A Freelance Copywriter and Blogger for Coffee, TeaFood, and Kitchen Tech Businesses

Garrett Oden Freelance Writer

Your business needs compelling copy and strategic content to engage with customers and make sales. We’re well into the age of stellar copy, and mediocre landing pages, blog, and emails are no longer impactful.

Let’s make your mission clear. Let’s help customers find and connect with you.

Areas of Expertise

Specialty Coffee

Coffee expert with coffee shop experience and industry insight.

Specialty Tea

Tea enthsiast with a gaiwan and a passion for loose leaf.

Food Industries

Not just another taco lover. Food service and managerial experience.

Kitchen Tech

Avid cook, flavor explorer, and lover of smart kitchen tech.

Copywriting Strengths

Landing/Sales Pages

Pain point. Solution. Educate. Make the sale. Let’s make money.

Content Strategy

Planning and writing content for your customers to discover.

Email Writing

Writing emails that beg to be opened, are easy to read, and convert.

Website Copy

Creating about pages, product descriptions, and the works.

Pinpoint Language

Pinpoint Results

From The Grapevine

I just wanted to express my delight and appreciation for your blog about Madesco’s reusable consumer cold brew coffee filters. The blog was informative, masterfully written and chock full of helpful photos.

Peter Van Tyle

President, Madesco

Garrett is a phenomenal writer with a true passion for bringing out the life in all of his work. He’s a pleasure to work with, and we will continue working with him on many projects to come. Thanks a bunch for the fantastic work!

Raj Jana

Chief Brewing Officer, JavaPresse Coffee Co

I just shared the article with the team. I can’t tell you how honored and excited we are. Your perspective will go a long way in helping us get the RAFINO manufactured.

Mark Vecchiarelli

Chief Marketing Officer, Kruve Inc

Let’s win over more customers